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Andrew Sindle-Mouat

Freelance Web Developer

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About Me

I have over 10 years experience in Business Data Analysis and Database Application Develpoment in the NHS and I have 6 years part-time experience in Web Development which is where I plan to transition my career focus in my spare time.

My main web development skills are HTML5, CSS3, Javascipt and PHP. I specialise in small websites including but not limited to: eCommerce Sites, Blogs, Single Page Sites and Multi Page Sites.

6 HTML/CSS (Yrs)
3 JavaScript (Yrs)
2 ASP .Net (Yrs)
10 SQL Dev (Yrs)

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My Skills

API Integration

I can incorporate different API's into your website, whether you want to integrate Google Maps, Twitter, Facebook or any other API, I can give your site the functionality you require.

Front-End Development

With my knoledge in HTML, CSS and JavaScript I can add interactivity and animations to your site to give it the look and feel you desire.

Back-End Development

With my knoledge in PHP I can help you manage, change or develop your content management systems or Wordpress sites.

Single Page Sites

If you are looking for a portfolio page, landing page or broucher website, I can work with you to develop a stylish modern single page website.

Multi-Page Sites

If you are looking for an exstensive site or an E-Commerce site, I can work with you to develop a multi page website.

Search Engine Optimisation

I carry out standard on-page SEO practices on every page of every website I create, allowing your site to rank higher in search engine results - potentially driving more traffic to your site.


Carlisle, UK

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